Principal Eric Dean Lewis of Montague Elementary School in Santa Clara was busted Friday evening after allegedly setting up a crystal meth deal at a CalTrain station with an undercover cop he met on a gay online dating site. After searching his house, authorities found a quarter-ounce of meth, an unknown quantity of the date rape drug GHB and an assortment of unknown pills.

While you try to wrap your brain around the myriad reasons why this guy probably shouldn't be allowed near children, the San Mateo County Times reports authorities started investigating Lewis when they received a tip that the school administrator was "involved in drugs." An undercover cop contacted Lewis through a dating website, where Lewis allegedly offered to sell narcotics to the cop when they agreed to set up a date at Lewis' home in San Francisco. Lewis was arrested when he met the agent at a CalTrain Station.

KTVU reports that Lewis had a good reputation during at the school. One grandmother of two Montague students even told the local news that Lewis had been known to help out with the school's DARE program, which as any child of the eighties and the Surgeon General will tell you is a pretty ineffective program.

Lewis is currently on unpaid leave while awaiting trial in the Santa Clara County jail. He is being charged with two felonies for possession and offering to furnish narcotics. He could face up to five years or more in prison if convicted. The school has already named an interim principal and sent a letter out to parents. KTVU has the video report.

In other meth news: Aaron Paul won an Emmy last night for his role as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad.

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