69-year-old Charles J. Dowd boarded an Amtrak train from Emeryville to Chicago a few days ago, but while his luggage made it to the Windy City on Friday, he did not. The retired SF firefighter has now been reported missing, and his family is concerned that he may be disoriented and in need of medication.

Upon arrival in Chicago, Amtrak officials found Dowd's bags, medication, and cell phone, but no sign of Dowd himself. A train worker last spotted him as the train neared Omaha, and said he seemed confused about his whereabouts, believing he was in an apartment and needed to find the front door.

Amtrak officials describe Dowd as a white male, 5'10", 175 pounds, with blue eyes and gray hair. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is encouraged to contact Amtrak police at (800) 331-0008; witnesses who may spot Dowd are also advised to keep him within their sights and call 911.

His family has also set up a Facebook page in an effort to located him.

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