It's been three months since we sounded the alarm bells about SFPD's totally asinine crackdown on pot edibles and cold beer in Dolores Park. Now that it's finally sunny again, it seems the plain-clothes cops are back on duty, trying to purchase THC-laden goods from the industrious entrepreneurs who make the park great, and swiftly arresting them. A local Tumblr called Just Crazy Enough to Work snapped the photo at right of the officers escorting away the Ganja Treat guy, a.k.a. the guy who calls out, "Have no fear the real ganja man is here." This leaves us sad, and angry, and unnecessarily sober.

It's one thing for the federal government to try to swing their dicks around and act like they have some higher authority over the marijuana industry here. It's quite another for our own home-town cops to go about doing this completely useless enforcement on some perfectly wholesome, illegitimate businesspeople.

We were just in the park two weekends back and saw the truffle guy, a.k.a. Chester Copperpots, a.k.a. the image on our favorite t-shirt, still hard at work and unharassed by the authorities. But if he gets fined or thrown in the clink we don't know what we're going to do. This means war, people! It's almost enough to make us want to elect a new sheriff! Oh... wait...

[Just Crazy Enough to Work via Uptown Almanac]

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