We've already expressed some thoughts about The Melt's trend-busting publicity stunt that happened on Sunday. The Bay Area, Calif.-based and quick grilled cheese chain combines the ease of Starbucks with all the comfort of 8th grade snack time (but with fancier soda), so the next step, naturally, was to launch an entire fleet of food trucks in the buzziest way possible: by inviting MC Hammer to hand out free sandwiches to kayakers. Some people happened to be there to catch a free sandwich and the Hammerian the moment in sepia-toned Instagram glory.

And now here we are. Way beyond the high water mark. Well past where the food truck wave broke and started to roll back, leaving nothing but a vacuous desert wasteland populated with food trucks roaming the countryside leaving like a herd of buffalo made out of bread and cheese and biodiesel farts.

Anyhow, their sandwiches are pretty decent. The Melt plans on bringing truffle oil to the masses, too, in case you hadn't heard. Look for these things to start popping up in the Bay Area starting tomorrow, September 11, with 500 total across the country in the next five years.

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