This really should be the No. 1 news story right now with regard to local MSM, but for whatever reason it isn't. (Clint Eastwood and an empty chair seem more important, sadly.) Anyway, a recent spate of muggings and sexual assaults by numerous men have been happening in the Fruitvale area. Police have received reports from women, ages ranging from 18 to 54, claiming that they were walking down the street and approached by one or more strangers. "The suspects then demanded money or valuables. If the victim did not provide either, the suspects then sexually assaulted the women," reports CBS 5.

The assaults are growing in intensity and viciousness. "The level of violence is escalating," Ana Martinez, a neighborhood services coordinator in the Fruitvale area explained to Mercury News. "The most recent victim came forward after the urging of family members because her injuries were severe."

The suspects seem to be targeting Hispanic women. Descriptions of the suspects have yet to emerge, only that they range from 20 and 40 years of age.

These men need to be found immediately. Any and all information about the sexual assaults can be directed to the Oakland Youth and Family Services Division at (510) 238-3642 or the OPD anonymous tip line at 510-637-0298.