We can't stop listening to The Cure and Beirut. We actually turned the heat on this morning and have been craving hot cocoa. Yes, San Francisco, August has gotten ridiculous once again.

And what's amazing is that every year it's kind of a surprise. Friends exclaim things like, "Ugh, this weather!" and "I can't believe how fucking cold it is today. It's August!" But, obviously, this happens every year. It's either six straight weeks of gray, foggy misery with a few reprieves in between (like we've had this year), or it's two weeks of chill, followed by a week of sun, followed by another week of chill, and so on. The power of San Francisco summer to exasperate us all knows no bounds.

But you know what? It'll be warm soon enough. Next week even. Like maybe by next Thursday, say the weather gods. And the rest of the country has been SUFFERING this summer, with droughts and awful heat waves and the kind of heat that causes the more vulgar among us to make references to witches' anuses and devil's armpits.

So, try to enjoy this last bit of summer/winter. Labor Day will bring some nice, balmy, sunny times for you and your day-drinking pleasure. And everybody in Stockton is jealous of us.