SOMA/South Beach is in need of another gastronomic spark. And how. Chef Joshua Skenes and sommelier Mark Bright -- the men behind Michelin two-star Saison -- have signed some sort of legal-y paper for a new space at Arc Light Co. at 178 Townsend. They might be just the duo to do that. Will they move Saison into the newly facaded housing complex, or will they create something new? Only time will tell.

As Inside Scoop reports, "[I]t’s important to note that Saison will remain on Folsom Street, at least for the time being. Skenes says that there are still lots of details to be worked out and they’re not planning on moving the existing restaurant anytime soon, adding: 'The lease is signed and Saison is staying put.' "

Scoop goes on to note that, for the Saison people, "it’s another gorgeous historic building to go along with the Mission one, a 19th century carriage house. 178 Townsend is a 'red-brick survivor' of the 1906 earthquake." Furthermore, the area is in need of a culinary wakeup call. Really. While Second Street has a smattering of good-to-okay eateries, a new Saison-like creature would give the Townsend area a much-needed jolt. As it stands, Tres, a Subway chain, American Grilled Cheese, and Delancy Street Restaurant area the biggest thing going on in the immediate area (25 Lusk, et al., on the other side of Third Street notwithstanding).

Speaking of Delancy Street Restaurant, they should consider making it more of a cocktail-themed venue and then change the name to Cell Bar. You know, to capitalize on the Delancy Street theme? Well, we think it's a great idea.