Wednesday morning, a consignment shop on Mission Street in Bernal Heights got a call from a customer asking them to open early. Unfortunately for the shop, a couple of 40-something bandits with tasers showed up instead. As Bay City News reports, the shop opened two hours early around 9 a.m. yesterday morning. About five minutes later, two suspects came in with stun guns and locked the employees in a back room.

During the low-budget heist the two suspects, both described as men in their 40s, took cash, a statue and some collectible coins, because hey — pawn shop robbers have hobbies too, you know?

The thieves took off and no one has been arrested as of this morning. Also: no one got tazed.

A couple months ago, however, a victim of another Taser-wielding bandit wasn't so lucky. He got zapped only to wake up and find his wallet and iPod missing.

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