Ken and Judy Reed of Vacaville were stunned this week when they discovered someone had shot one of their 40 pet peacocks and peahens with a bow and arrow. The skewered peahen has since gone missing — probably so it could die with some dignity rather than having to be shown all over the evening news — but Ken and Judy are still on the hunt for the peahen poacher who trespassed on their property.

The couple believes the peahen may still be alive and walking around, but they seem worried about how the bird will get along with that an arrow sticking through it. As Judy told CBS, "You would expect her to lay down and die, and she’s just walking around with this thing sticking out of both sides of her."

The Reeds apparently keep the muster of peacocks on their twenty acres of property outside Vacaville because they help keep the rattlesnakes away. As an incentive to anyone who might be able to help them avenge the death of their beloved avian snake deterrent, the couple is offering a modest $500 reward for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction.

CBS5 has video from the evening news.