At Four Barrel Coffee's back alley coffee window on Caledonia Street, the prickly coffee chain has posted a list of rules for enjoying the alleyway while being respectful of the neighbors. Some of the suggestions are handy, commonsense reminders like: keeping the alley clear of trash, bringing dishes back inside and staying out of traffic, but when it comes to the potential topics of conversation one can have while enjoying coffee al fresco, the coffee roasters and baristas draw a hard line:

"Not talking about annoying hipster topics," the final rule reads. "Or who you fucked last night. You shouldn't do that anyhow, but our neighbors actually can hear you."

Hear that, coffee-swilling kiss-and-tell ilk? Your sexual exploits have been heard by all of Caledonia Street, so you should probably take those conversations back to the cheap Hamm's happy hour where they started.

Meanwhile, our friends over at Uptown Almanac can't help but wonder if "telling the barista what kind of coffee you want" falls under the umbrella of hipster topics.

Photos via SFist commenter MrEricSir.