We're sorry to inform you, ladies and gentlemen, that suspended sheriff Ross Mirkarimi will still be making headlines well into the fall. Also, in the latest news surrounding his Ethics Commission hearing, the commission is expected to issue their verbal recommendation to the Board of Supervisors next week, on August 16. And meanwhile, some lawyer friends of Mirkarimi's threw a little fundraiser for him last week that raised "a couple thousand dollars" to help offset his considerable legal debts.

The Examiner delves once more into the basic facts that the Ethics Commission will be grappling with, which mostly come down to Mirkarimi's guilty plea to a charge of false imprisonment. So it's a question of whether a sheriff should still serve despite having a criminal record — something that former sheriff and Mirkarimi supporter Mike Hennessey spoke to in a letter to the commission, saying that he had a number of deputy sheriffs on staff over the years who'd been convicted on domestic violence charges.

Also, we've now learned from Eliana Lopez that Ivory Madison had taken to "incessantly" repeating “screw him” in reference to Mirkarimi, which ultimately turned off Lopez and caused her to ditch her former friend and denounce whatever divorce talk had gone on between them.

It's unclear to us whether Lopez is still in San Francisco, or if she high-tailed it back to Venezuela after giving her testimony to the commission last month and smooching her semi-estranged husband one more time for the cameras. Private donors had contributed to a travel fund to pay for Lopez's plane ticket so that she could testify in person.

But now, after the Ethics Commission gives their recommendation, the Board of Supervisors isn't expected to make their final call until late September or early October. There will need to be 9 of 11 votes to make Mirkarimi's ouster final and some insiders believe that Mirkarimi has enough friends still in City Hall to make those nine votes hard to come by.


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