Accomplished entrepreneuress and adult film star Jenna Jameson made her first appearance in San Francisco to celebrate the Gold Club's 8th Birthday last night. Sadly, Mrs. Jameson pulled out of our interview at the last second (heh), but we did get to the opportunity to talk with every mid-'90s teenager's fantasy material. We only got a brief two minute introduction, but that is longer than most gents tend to spend with her, right? (We're here all week! Please tip your waitresses.) So, in lieu of a full interview, we present Word Association with Jenna Jameson.

With our limited time, we asked the very gracious Mrs. Jameson to tell us whatever came to mind when we tossed random words at her. These are her direct quotes:

Afghanistan: "Sad."

Tuna Sandwich: "SO GOOD" [See also.]

Sasha Grey: "Fantastic!"

Gerbil: [puzzeled look] "Anal?" (At this point, Mrs. Jameson's handler also chimed in with: "Richard Gere?" So there's that.)

Mitt Romney: [nods, skeptically] "smart?" (Later, Mrs. Jameson would come out endorsing Mr. Romney to CBS.)

The London Olympics: "Sad! I'm all about America!"

San Francisco: "Insane! My favorite!"

And there you go. As your source for all the Jenna Jameson in San Francisco news that's fit to print, we regret that we couldn't bring you more. Either way, we're pretty sure she was totally into us. We think.