It seems that the Presidio Trust weren't as jubilant as some with Presidio Social Club's controversial decision to keep foie gras on the menu after the July 1st ban went into effect. Since the restaurant is situated on federal land, it's technically exempt from the state's ban. However, as Craig Middleton, the trust's executive director, explained to the Chronicle, Social Club's savory actions were "inconsistent with the values that we promote in the Presidio - sustainability, respect for our environment, responsible stewardship." And with that, the noted restaurant yanked foie gras from the menu. But only the menu.

In a part of a statement sent to the trust, executive chef Ray Tang said, "Presidio Social Club will not have foie gras on the restaurant's menu nor will it be promoted." And though he wouldn't expressly say whether or not the duck liver treat will still be available, it is. "Without reading into it too much, diners can determine that on their own," he went on to tell the Chronicle.

SFist called the Presidio Social Club and spoke to the manager. When asked if they planned on serving it this week, they replied, "Yes! We just got it in today ... It needs preparation, but it will be available at the earliest by tomorrow."

Karlene Bley, you may now breathe a sigh of relief.

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