The plan to offer free Muni service to low-income kids was apparently killed by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission Wednesday, where the Bay Area-wide agency shot down a motion to fund several programs to provide discounted fares in several public transit systems. The 8-7 vote means San Francisco's $9.4 million plan, which would have provided free Muni to kids for almost two years starting with this school year, will be about $5 million short.

The Free Muni plan was pushed by the Board of Supervisors earlier this year and could be effectively dead without the extra funds from the regional authority. Although the SFMTA won't say the plan has been killed yet, they have already said they can't spare the funds to cover it. "We're disappointed in the outcome," MTA Spokesman Paul Rose told the Chronicle. "We're going to have to regroup and go back to our board and see where we are without funding from the region."

About 30 to 40 students were chanted "Shame on you" after the MTC voted 8-7 against the funds which would have also provided reduced fare or free public transit for low-income adults in Santa Clara and a student pass plan in Alameda County. The vote was split regionally, with commissioners from the East Bay and the North Bay opposed to funding these programs. Commissioners from the East Bay were apparently extra critical and questioned why San Francisco's kids should get free transit first.

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