Even though no one else is on board with the proposal, San Francisco mayor Ed Lee continues to push for a controversial Stop-and-Frisk policy in the wake of the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado. As Lee told the press during an unrelated event yesterday, "I am as, if not more, committed [to the Stop-and-Frisk plan], and especially in light of the massacre that occurred in Aurora".

A recent trip to Philadelphia also cemented Mayor Lee's decision to keep pursuing the topic. In Philly, Lee met with Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey to discuss his city's policy, which promptly came under fire from the ACLU last year. A week ago, the Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution opposing any such legislation in San Francisco.

Mayor Lee parroted his earlier talking points, saying he opposes any policy that infringes on citizens' constitutional rights, but he still has not shared any potential changes his administration would make to the policies of Philadelphia or New York City. As Lee told the press yesterday, there are individuals out there who are still turning to guns to solve problems, and "[t]hat's why I've been contemplating some kind of authority to put some fear into these kids that they can't be carrying these guns thinking they can resolve all their problems with them."

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