One glaring issue with San Francisco is that our sidewalks tend to roll up at 10 pm. More to the point, our city's lack of a late-night dining scene bugs. Sure, there's Sparky's in the Castro. (Shudder.) Or, a taqueria joint in the Mission. (Meh, eye-roll.) But is there more? Indeed. Marcia Gagliardi of Tablehopper today released a new app geared toward finding you a (decent) place to eat during the witching hour. It's called Late-Nights Eats in SF.

In today's issue of Tablehopper, Gagliardi notes, "[T]oday’s a big one for me since I am launching tablehopper’s very first app! Yup, it’s called Tablehopper’s Top Late-Night Eats in SF, and it has almost 100 places that serve food after 11pm!" She goes on to add, "And, hey, we’re not talking about chain restaurants, drive-thrus, or nasty diners—these are all 100 percent unique and pretty dang delicious. (Well, let’s be honest, there are also a bunch of totally grubby places that you’d only go to after midnight.)"

Each location-based restaurant comes with a mini-review, menu suggestions, contact info, directions, and trademark Tablehopper humor ("Burritos Will Save Your Wasted Ass" and "The Desperate Booty Call of Late Night"). We're rabid fans of late-night dining, so we've been poring over the thing all day. (The kitchen at '90s staple Oola stays open until 1am? We had no idea!)

Download it at the iTunes store.