Like a scared duck fighting to get that steel tube away from its beak, the effort to eschew the foie gras ban just won't die. This week's news comes from Presidio Social Club, titularly located in the Presidio, which, as you may know, is on federal land. And so? It is exempt from the California foie gras ban. Say what?

According to Inside Scoop, "As of Saturday July 14, Presidio Social Club will begin to take advantage of its location and do what most other restaurants cannot do at this point: It will introduce foie gras as a menu staple, offering a foie gras slider indefinitely."

Here's the official announcement we received from regarding Presidio Social Club's reinvigorated fattened duck/goose liver menu.

Presidio Social Club Celebrates Its Exemption From the Foie Gras Ban
Iconic Restaurant on Federal Land Exercises Its Right of Independence by Serving Foie Gras What: As a result of being on federal land, the Presidio Social Club (PSC) is exempt from the state-wide ban on heavenly Foie Gras. Therefore, PSC will be celebrating two important independences this July: Bastille Day for the French, and the freedom to enjoy Foie Gras for Californians.

Beginning at 4 p.m. on Bastille Day, PSC will continually feature Foie Gras as a staple on its menu. The star of the show is an American twist on a French tradition: a Foie Gras Slider on a house-made, toasted Brioche bun paired with a PSC style Sauternes Cocktail for $20.

Celebrating French independence, Presidio Social Club will be serving a complete dinner-for-two including a bottle of Chateau Dom. Du Dragon Grenache Rosé. The meal includes a Butter Lettuce Salad with champagne vinaigrette and fine herbs, Wood Oven Roasted Cotes du Boeuf with frites, and Profiteroles to finish. This prix fixe meal is available on July 14 and 15, 2012, starting at 5 p.m. for $48 per person. Guests may add seared Foie Gras for $18.

The Presidio Social Club, tucked in San Francisco’s expansive Presidio National Park, is a perfect compilation of Northern Californian sensibilities: historical preservation, locally sourced ingredients, and a knowledgeable and approachable staff. The structure was originally a 1903 military barracks, but after careful renovation has been converted into a playful and cozy eatery.

(Side note: What a great press release! What, when, where, details... brava!) Anyway, as Inside Scoop goes on to point out, this could become a trend. Other federal land-situated joints like Cliff House, Murray Circle, and Dixie might follow suit. Delightful.

Presidio Social Club, 563 Ruger Street, S.F., 415-885-1888