Since John Boehner seems to be the only person left willing to stick up for the unconstitutional Defense of Marriage Act, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, the recently gay-married Barney Frank and 130 other House democrats have banded together to reject the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group's decision to continue spending taxpayer dollars to defend legislation that does not serve any interest of Congress.

In a legal brief filed Tuesday [PDF warning], Pelosi and Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer called out Boehner for hijacking the BLAG after the controversial 3-2 vote that saw the two dems strongly objecting to the Speaker's insistence to continue defending the it. Although both the President and the Attorney General agreed the Department of Justice should not be defending DOMA in court, Boehner used the (allegedly) bipartisan group to hire outside counsel at taxpayers' expense. As Pelosi's office so eloquently described the brief's purpose (emphasis ours):

The brief makes it clear that the House is not united on DOMA’s validity, that the BLAG lawyers do not speak for the entire institution, and that there is no legitimate federal interest in denying married same-sex couples the legal security, rights and responsibilities that federal law provides to couples who are married under state law. Section 3 does not affect married heterosexual couples and their children, who are recognized regardless of DOMA. And this law affirmatively harms married gay and lesbian couples and their children.

As sponsors of the brief, Pelosi and Congressman Jerrold Nadler both pledged to intervene in any federal appeals case where the BLAG sticks its nose.

In more pleasant news for Nance, it sounds like the Minority Leader had a blast at Barney Frank's wedding, where she reportedly stayed late to shimmy to "It's Raining Men." Perhaps Speaker Boehner would be less grumpy about marriage equality if he just got invited to a good open bar reception now and then.

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Full Brief [PDF]