A 17-year-old boy ended up in San Francisco General with life-threatening injuries after shots rang out in late Saturday afternoon on the corner of San Bruno Avenue and Felton Street. The teen victim had been hanging out on the corner with a relative around 5:30 p.m. when they heard the gunfire and the relative noticed his friend had been shot in the upper torso. The suspect, described as a black male also in his late teens, was last spotted taking off on foot on Felton Ave.

Although SFPD isn't sure whether the victim was the shooter's intended target or just an innocent bystander, the Examiner highlights the incident as one example of crime that possibly could have been prevented by Mayor Lee's controversial "Stop and Frisk" policy. Stop and Frisk, remember, would allow police officers to pat down anyone they believe to be in possession of illegal weapons.

Anyhow, the neighborhood doesn't seem too surprised by the seemingly random incident. As one worker at an Auto Parts store near the shooting told the Examiner, shootings happen "at least once every six months."