Well, well. Here we are. At last. As we already mentioned today, California's foie gras ban won't really stick when it goes into effect on Monday, July 1st. But you'd be a down and out fool — nay, a monster — if you eschew the glorious end-of-fois gras events happening around San Francisco this weekend. To make it easy, we selected five noteworthy fatten-duck liver blowouts for you.


First up, we want to give you our favorite. Chef Ron Siegel's Chilled Foie Gras at Parallel 37. We dined on this gem paired with Siegel’s hot foie gras. While most of the guests at our table preferred the hot, we fell in lust with the cold. (Our adoration for spreadable meat is unyielding. So comfy.) Best of all, you can order this at the bar. No need to make a reservation (unless you want to, which you should). It's entirely worth the hike up California Street and the price ($18).

Jardinière will have a Foie Gras bonanza prix fixe dinner on Friday and Saturday. Look forward to a shaved foie gras salad (featuring summer peaches and ice wine vinaigrette), seared foie gras with Maine lobster (why not?), and foie gras ice cream. Dinner runs $150 per person.

Chester Watson and the Bon Vivants' underground dinner on Saturday boasts the following eye-opening foie gras items. Brace yourselves: foie mousse, foie hot chocolate, foie beignet, pho gras (with rice noodle, brisket, beef tendon, cognac), french toast (seared foie, calvados milk punch, "cereal crunch," strawberry jam), and finally, a foir shake (plumb swirl!) Guests who purchase tickets ($80 per person, including pairings) through Eventbrite will be emailed the day-of with the location of the dinner.

If it's good enough for beloved SFist commenter DJTennessee, it's good enough for you! He says, "The foie gras mac and cheese at Michael Mina is beyond comparison." Is it incomparable? Find out.

The horrid denizens of the Mission District simply cannot get enough of Humphry Slocombe. It's easy to see why. HS scoops a might fine ball of frozen cream. And how. If the prices above aren't too your liking, yet you still want to get in on the foie gras stampede, check out their foie ice cream sandwich, with housemade gingersnap cookies. It costs only $5.

More events can be found at Eater.