Over in the East Bay, Oaklanders skittish from what we can only assume is the constant wee-ooo-wee-ooo-wee-ooo of Police sirens have been waiting patiently for updates on Mayor Quan's 100 Blocks Initiative. The plan, remember, aimed to clean up Oakland's streets by focusing on a concentrated area where 90 percent of Oakland's shootings and homicides allegedly took place. Today, however, Mayor Quan issued a statement conceding that her data was totally off.

From Quan's statement:

I was given incorrect data last year regarding areas with a high concentration of homicides in our city. I have been using that data to describe the 100 Blocks Initiative. As Mayor I should have taken more time to analyze and verify the data and its accuracy as it related to the concentration of violent crime in our community. This is regrettable and I take full responsibility for the error.

Quan has been touting the initiative and its bad data for the past nine months. Despite all that, she won't be giving up her crime plan completely. As the press release also mentioned, Quan feels the basic concept of the strategy is still "sound and has merit."

Meanwhile, those two separate efforts to recall the Oakland Mayor are apparently still going strong.

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