In honor of San Francisco Gay Pride weekend, the Apothecarium, a licensed medical marijuana dispensary in the Castro District, came up with two stoney ways in which to enjoy heal thyself during this very gay weekend. First up, the Pride Joint, which was sent to SFist via a noted member of the media who asked to remian anonymous. Also, the Apothecarium developed the Super Sarah Silverman Haze, a strain made in honor of this year's Pride Grand Marshal.

A cross between Deadhead OG and Chemdawg 4, the pot purveyors describe the celebrity weed thusly:

We're excited to introduce Super Sarah Silverman Haze! This flower sparkles with beautifully developed trichomes just like the starry-eyed comedienne's smile. Like her, this smooth smoke can help you cheerfully ignore any and all taboos and help you feel amazing and in high spirits.

Treatable symptoms are ADD, anxiety, muscle spasms, ADHD, cramps, loss of apetite, fibromyalgia, and, of course, boredom. If you have a medical marijuana card, you can smoke Silverman and/or Pride by visiting tthe Apothecarium.