Have you heard of Rewinery? It's a wine delivery service for San Francisco that delivers boutique wines to your house or apartment within an hour by bicycle. It's actually a pretty cool concept and affordable. We scored two bottles of 2008 La Czar Sauvignon Blanc for $30 the other night (Full disclosure: We were given a special code by their publicist, so it was free of charge for us. Alas, the perks of boozy media ilk.)

The wines change daily (today, for example, you can get two bottles of 2005 Havens Merlot) and you can either download their app, use email, or get lit via Facebook. While we're not in the habit of promoting any and all freebies here at SFist, we do think this is a rather nifty concept -- especially for those of you who live high on a hill in say, Glen Park or Twin Peaks and cannot easily saunter to your nearest corner store to buy a bottle or two of good wine.

And here's an image we snapped of the friendly Rewinery fella who delivered the wine to our doorstep in a not-so-nice part of SoMa. Thanks, guy!