Just a friendly reminder that we need photos of your corner store cats. Is this an excuse to post a bunch of cat pics? Yes. It is also a way of honoring the felines that, when they're not protecting the store from rats, greet you when you buy you $7.99 wine and pint of Chubby Hubby? Yes. So send us those pics. We've already received a slew of cat images that make us want to run to your nearest corner store, like Whiskey (pictured here) who can be found a Eddy and Hyde.

Send photos to [email protected] of your bodega cats and we'll create a list of the greatest corner store cats in the Bay Area! Feel free to include a location (vicinity/neighborhood, but no store name since we don't want to get anyone in trouble) and any details you may know about the cat. You can also share photos with us via Instagram by hashtagging them #SFist and #CornerStoreCat, or via Flickr tagging them with "sfist" and "corner store cat."