Seems a bit cruel that International Picnic Day, which is today, falls on both a Monday and a cloudy day this year. But if so inclined, you might want to "cop a squat" (shut up, Vivian) this afternoon or after work.

And we're not taking food trucks here, folks. Oh no. We're talking authentic picnicking, which, ideally, should involve a big blanket (preferably red with a white pattern), a wicker basket, and a few friends in casual-sophisticated wear. Your meal needs to consist of a tasty yet refined sandwiches, several bottles of dry rose, a baguette (which should poke adorably out of your basket at all times), and an assortment of light bites. A stealth line of black ants marching away your basket is crucial for the full picnicky experience.

But where to eat, you ask? Well, if you can somehow manage to keep your blanket from flying away on this very windy day, here are a few choice spots for dining al fresco. Don't forget cups and utensils, and to pick up your trash.

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