We did not know about this, but the Contra Costa Times/Bay Area News Group have been soliciting and publishing pieces by high school students — we'll refrain from making jokes here about print media and all their sad budget slashing. Today, we find a delightful write-up of last night's One Direction show at the Paramount Theater, written by Castro Valley High School student Sara Zollner, and it begins, "I spent my night crying, jumping, dancing, laughing and screaming until I lost my voice."

Yes, everyone: One Direction is really hot with the kids. The girls, specifically, and a few of their quiet, proto-gay younger brothers, too who are ashamed to admit it. Zollner narrates what may be the story of one of her first, if not her very first concert experiences, and it's charming.

After a few pairs of underwear were thrown on the stage, Harry decided it would fun to wear a pair as a hat. Oh, Harry. Please don't. Then they sang "What Makes You Beautiful," and the show was over. Or so everyone thought. After a few minutes full of screaming and crying, the boys came back for an encore!

Oh, Sara. Please review every concert.

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