Fie, the West Oakland fire and subsequent BART shutdown for (unsuccessfully!) attempting to steal Matt Cain's thunder. While this morning's hellacious BART commute dominates the morning news, we feel it our duty to remind you (as if you need a reminder!) that Matt Cain pitched the 22nd perfect game in MLB history.

In addition to scoring the franchise's first perfect game — the Giants have been playing baseball in the National League since 1883, going back to their time New York — Cain's 14 strikeouts matched Sandy Koufax's 1965 perfect game. Last night's 10-0 game against Houston also featured one of the greatest catches in MLB history. Gregor Blanco literally saved Cain's perfect game bid with the following catch in the seventh inning:

Watch all 27 outs of Cain's perfect game:

Giants play Houston at noon today.