Custom car connoisseur Steve Nelson had his sweet Honda Accord stolen from in front of his house Saturday morning in the city of Lathrop. How rude. "We are pleased that the crooks ignored our surveillance cameras, we just hope that someone out there recognizes the thieves or their car," Nelson said. KTXL (via NY Daily News) has more:

The couple woke up early Saturday to the sound of their dog, Pismo, barking at some thieves lurking in their driveway, KTLX Sacramento reported.

"I opened the door, my car backed out of the driveway," Nelson told the station.

Nelson's cameras caught the heisters sneaking out of their car and then pulling away in his customized ride.

"It had a supercharger and a couple other after-market parts that are expensive, but not too many people have, so I have a feeling that's why they took it," Nelson told KTXL.

And here's the grainy, nighttime footage. Brazen behavior, for sure. Good luck on catching the creeps, Steve!