The U.S. Open is happening in San Francisco, and that means a bunch of golf fans are descending on the city. The 112th annual golf tournament starts Thursday at the Olympic Club, with practice rounds starting today, and it's actually an unusually lovely day to be out near the ocean. Tiger Woods, allegedly, might be out there for a practice round today, and we already heard an older gentlemen at the corner store crowing this morning about wanting to get a glimpse of him.

Woods last won the U.S. Open in 2008.

Spectators are being asked either to BART to Colma and take shuttles to the course from there, or to park at Candlestick Park, where they are also running shuttles. And everyone else is being advised to just avoid being out on Route 1 or anywhere near the Olympic Club if they can help it, because tens of thousands are expected to be coming to stand around in hushed groups watching the golfers drive and putt.

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