Edwin Ramos, the the MS-13 gang member accused in the 2008 murder of Tony Bologna and his two sons, has received a hefty life sentence. Three life sentences, to be exact, and no chance for parole.

Ramos, an immigrant from El Salvador, joined hooked up with a branch of MS-13, Pasadena Locos Sureños after first being a member of MS-13. He was a mere 21 and riding in a car in the Excelsior district when he foolishly and tragically mistook Bologna's son for a rival gang member. Ramos opened fire on the Bolognas' car, killing Bologna, 48, and sons Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16.

"Danielle Bologna, the victims' widow and mother, whispered, 'Yes, yes,' as the judge issued the sentence, grasping at a friend's hand," reports the Chronicle. "She spoke to reporters afterward wearing the white 'Finally justice is served!' shirts made for the verdict, and pins of her husband and two sons."