Brief updates today as we check in with BART's progress on their promise to repair all those broken down escalators around the system. In their latest press release, the transit agency congratulated itself for repairing four out of the twelve busted escalators in downtown San Francisco as of Friday morning.

Last week, remember, BART set the goal of repairing at least seven escalators downtown by June 22nd. At this rate, more than halfway there already, the agency will have that goal licked before the weekend and the four private contractors BART brought in to speed up repairs can take next week off. Either that or crackdown on those other five downtown escalators.

Paul Oversier, BART's assistant GM of Operations attempted to inspire faith in public transit again, calling the effort a "nothing less than a full court press" and "we haven’t completed the job yet, but we’ve made significant headway." Oversier expects things will be looking pretty good in the next two weeks.

So how about it? Anybody feeling a little less thigh burn after their commute this morning?

*Note: Nevius reported this number as 28 a week ago — so, another one broke last week? We guess?

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