Today, on the Internet, a website named San Francisco #19 out of the top 29 cities to visit this year. (Why 29? Unclear. Because it's a prime number, maybe?) Anyway, number 19 puts San Francisco between London and some place in Aruba as the planet's coolest cities to travel to this year. London has the Olympics, obviously, and Aruba's on there because apparently this is the year we all learn how to kite surf, but why should people come to San Francisco? answers loudly, quote: "BECAUSE IT'S WHERE THE NEW GOLD RUSH IS HAPPENING."

After taking the linkbait, the listicle elaborates:

Way before the Summer of Love there was the debauchery of the Barbary Coast, where suddenly rich gold miners went to spend their fortune on booze and ladies of ill repute. Fast forward 130 years and the City by the Bay is hosting the America's Cup sailing race and making new millionaires by the day thanks to a spate of tech IPOs. Call it Gold Rush 2.0. Some things -- like fast money, faster women and stiff drinks -- never go out of style in San Francisco.

Now that AskMen has revealed an untapped sex tourism market among dotcom groupies (which, we sincerely hope is not a real thing), where does one go to indulge in all this money and women and booze the city has to offer? Suggested hotspots are: Ike's Place, Paxton Gate and the Transamerica Redwood Park, just to name a few.