President Obama is back in town again today for his latest ATM run. Although the President expected to run in to protesters during his brief, three and a half hour stop in San Francisco, he found a more approving crowd down on Justin Herman Plaza, across the street from where hosted a roundtable at One Market Plaza.

In an email recap of the president's arrival, sent to the White House's Press Office list, Dallas Morning News Washington Bureau Chief Todd Gillman describes the scene as the President floated gracefully down the Embarcadero to the Landmark on the 11th floor of One Market Plaza:

Empty highway into the city, then a waterside drive along The Embarcadero before a left turn onto Mission Street. Scattered onlookers once we got into the city, with many hundreds lining the streets around the destination. Pool walked a rather odd but friendly gauntlet of hundreds of officeworkers etc. with cameras and cell phones in the lobby of the office tower, snapping our pictures like paparazzi and some even asking members of our entourage if we've actually seen the president. We walked a couple hundred feet to elevators, amid the civilians, one of whom had to be deterred from joining us on an elevator by a stern, polite yet authoritative young White House aide.

Earlier in the day, Obama's gaylo was met on the tarmac at SFO by Gavin Newsom's hair and Mayor Ed Lee's mustache. The President held his own among the hirsuteness, however, as his distinguished salt-and-pepper look greeted fans, campaign workers and volunteers hungry for their chance to instagram and twitpic their handshake with the president: