We had planned on letting this go without mentioning it, because, you know... donuts. They're a thing. They're the bacon of the sweets. People like and like to talk about how much the like donuts. We get it. Donuts, through no fault of their own, are very Guy Fieri-ish in these modern Food Network days. But that doesn't mean that they're still not the one of the best things to cram down your throat. Where are we going with this? Well, today is National Donut Day, which started in Chicago in 1938. And Krispy Kreme is giving away one free circular pastry today.

Broke-Ass Stuart has more details:

"Visit your nearest Krispy Kreme location to see if they’re participating in the FREE doughnut giveaway. You will have the choice of any doughnut that you may choose. So if you’re a glazed doughnut or jelly doughnut connoisseur like myself, you can have that succulent, fattening baked good at your disposal. No purchase neccessary, but keep in mind that you should at least buy a cup of coffee or something. Remember, you’re a broke-ass, not a cheap-ass."

You can get a free donut at any participating Krispy Kreme. Find your local Krispy Kreme here.

Donuts that are not Fieri-ian? Dynamo Donuts smack dab in the Mission District. They're splendiferous. In fact, you should eat as many as you possibly can. They're that good. And with that, Dynamo will have a donut and beer party today on the patio from 4 - 7 p.m. You would be a fool not to go. So do it.