If you're one of the many dudes suddenly questioning where you fit on the Geek-Bro spectrum now that Brogrammers have come along to testosterone things up, you can fret no more. A Chicago programmer/humorist has come along to code up a handy quiz that you can take while lounging in your favorite South Park Café or corporate shuttle to Mountain View. Be warned the "Are You A Brogrammer?" Quiz will either ease your worries or confirm your suspicions about your level of Bro-ness.

Full Disclosure: After admitting to dabbling in some HTML, this SFist editor rated as a "Dude-veloper" with a Broficiency Quotient of 10 (out of a possible 300, apparently. We're not sure how deep the bro-rabbit hole goes.) Anyhow, we're still kind of ashamed, somehow.

[Are You A Brogrammer?]