Another fake Muni ad has been discovered, this time on an outbound 38 Geary. It mocks local artisan purveyors Bi-Rite (while making a crude reference to lesbians), reading, "Bi-Dyke: Organic Produce for the Organic Asshole." Ugh. This most recent faux advertisement follows fake ads for Du Beers, Tartine, Tums, and... Marine fellatio.

David Kaik, the reader who sent it to SFist, explains: "I studied it for a little while before I got off and noticed a few things. There are dildos coming out of the bag, under the logo it says 'Fuck You' and there is a name in the lower right corner that says, 'GRATIS.' Maybe the pen name of the person/group doing these? I've looked at some of the others and they all have the name (illegibly so) "GRATIS" written on the lower right corner. This aside, I don't think 'AdBuster' was the authors first choice."

These ads first appeared on Muni Diaries last week. We're not sure from where they derive, but they sure are exciting if not totally offensive.