A pedestrian running across the street (allegedly against the light) at 19th and Valencia was struck by a car Saturday evening around 6 p.m., sending him ten feet in the air and bouncing off a second passing vehicle, according to one witness. Witnesses say the car, Toyota Sienna, had the right of way, and that the victim ran out in front of the car, which was crossing Valencia heading west on 19th.

The victim, a man in his 30s or 40s, was transported to the hospital but appeared conscious and just banged up at the scene.

CBS has since followed up on the story, discussing how residents of the Mission "lamented" the accident because of the threat often posed by speeding vehicles and busy intersections.

The moral here is pretty simple, though. As discussed in our pedestrian-etiquette lesson last week, "Don't expect drivers to stop and wait for you if you jump in front of them. Always assume motor vehicles are out to kill you."

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