Despite seeming relatively normal, as far as the weddings of the rich & loaded go, Mark Zuckerberg's post-IPO nuptials drew plenty of speculation about whether the Silicon Valley wunderkind strategically timed the ceremony to keep his bride out of his new billions. But that's not how weddings work in California, says one bigshot divorce lawyer who TMZ happened to have in their rolodex. As Laura Wasser explains to the gossip site:

Facebook is a separate property asset of Mr. Zuckerberg. It's like a painter who paints a painting prior to marriage and sells it shortly after marriage. Any proceeds from the sale of the painting are the artist's separate property.

Simple enough. If Facebook continues to make money now that the two are hitched (which, why wouldn't it? Even if the media is quick to jump on today's dip), the new Mrs. Zuckerberg/Dr. Chan will get to keep half of the proceeds from the post-wedding profits.

On a related note, even TMZ couldn't get to the bottom of whether or not Zuckerberg followed Donald Trump's sage advice and asked for a pre-nup. But they did managed to figure out that the wedding DJ (possibly Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong) played a Michael Jackson-heavy wedding mix for the roughly 100 attendees. Celebrities: They're just like us!

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