Madrone, a respectable bar that we like on Divisadero, happens to be right on the path of this weekend's 101st Running of the Tools Bay to Breakers. Although it has been surprisingly empty during the drunken footrace in previous years, the bar is looking to take advantage of the crowds in 2012, as evidenced by this enticing beer advertisement they've had up in their window at Divisadero and Fell Street all week.

If experience with Madrone's two single-occupancy bathrooms has taught us anything, we predict at least one instance of drunken copulating in the women's room and a river of urine spilling out of the urinal-less men's room. So, it will basically be no different than peeing and drinking beer two blocks down Fell Street.

Security will be tight again this year, so remember to follow all the proper protocols when drinking in public.