Last week, a female driver on Scott Street allegedly used her vehicle to take a swipe at a cyclist heading northbound on the Wiggle. The cyclist, also a woman, was entering the bike lane on Scott near Fell Street around 9:15 a.m. last Tuesday, when she had to swerve to dodge the vehicle. According to a police report from Park Station, when the cyclist rode by the vehicle, she had a few words for the driver, which launched a full-on driver-vs-biker rage episode.

The exchange escalated when a second suspect riding shotgun threw something at the angry cyclist. The cyclist responded to the second threat by spitting in the general direction of the car. The driver responded to the salivary onslaught by escalating things even further, pulling up behind the cyclist and striking her with the car, causing her to fall off her bike. With the cyclist on the ground, the two suspects exited the vehicle, assaulted the victim and vandalized her bike.

Both suspects attempted to flee the scene, but stopped to assault the victim a second time when she threw something at their car. At this point, a bystander stepped in between the victim and the two suspects. When SFPD officers arrived on the scene, they apprehended both suspects. The driver of the vehicle, it turned out, did not have a valid driver's license.

The driver of the vehicle was booked on felony assault and battery, as well as vandalism charges and a traffic violation. The passenger received a misdemeanor citation for battery.

The incident occurred on the heavily-trafficked Wiggle bike route, about a block from another car-vs-bike incident that caused some controversy back in February.

Via: SFist Tipline/Park Station Newsletter