A family newly arrived in the Bay Area from Missouri experienced a tragedy last night. 28-year-old Christopher Burton says he arrived home from work to find his wife, Amy Freeman Burton, 37, dead of a gunshot wound, along with 13-year-old daughter Ainsly Freeman, also shot. Freeman was still alive when ambulances reached the home, but died a short while later at Castro Valley Medical Center.

Freeman was a student at Hart Middle School, as NBC Bay Area reports, and she and her mother had just moved out in December from a suburb of St. Louis to join Burton, who got a tech job here.

Police have not yet discussed any further details about the crime scene, though it sounds like a muder-suicide. NBC says the husband is not a suspect, but CBS says he is a person of interest. Police have told neighbors that there is no reason to fear a murderer on the loose.

The events took place around 6 p.m. at 3532 Stacey Court in Pleasanton, and the husband placed the 911 call.

A neighbor told NBC that the family was "sweet" and had just recently moved in.