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Peter and Lorna, a successful, young Los Angeles couple, decide to delve into the underworld of a cult in the San Fernando valley to get the big story that will kickstart their careers as investigative journalists. At the center of the group is an mysterious young woman named Maggie (played by Brit Marling) who never leaves the basement of the dwelling but nonetheless wields terrifying power. The members follow Maggie blindly-growing her food, obsessively cleaning the house, and even giving her their own blood for transfusions. In order to expose Maggie as a scam artist and free the cult members from her spell, Peter and Lorna smuggle hidden cameras into Maggie's basement. But when they find themselves falling prey to Maggie's mind games—that’s when the story really unfolds.

Sound of My Voice is in theaters now. If you are looking to elevate your heart rate, watch the trailer above and check out the first 12 minutes of the film here.