Do you have $139,200 lying around to sink into a quirky piece of U.S. naval history? Well, you're in luck because the Navy is looking to unload this sleek piece of Cold War-era technology for a song. Dubbed the Sea Shadow, the stealth vessel was designed to evade enemy radar while running stealthy night missions. It cost DARPA and the Navy a cool $50 million to build the thing back in the early 80s, and the total price tag on the ship's development program eventually topped $195 million, making the price tag a relative steal.

The ship was built in a massive floating dry dock originally used for salvaging sunken Soviet subs, and the dry dock comes included with your purchase of the Sea Shadow. Ships are currently docked in Suisun Bay gathering dust with the rest of the Mothball Fleet. Although Lockheed says the ship was a great test bed for other naval technologies, it was never actually used in combat.

There's a downside to spending over $100,000 on the boat: The Navy will make the auction winner promise to scrap the ship for parts and materials within six months of the purchase. That should still give you just enough time to terrorize Larry Ellison's own fleet of expensive all-black vessels before you have to scuttle the thing.

[LATimes] hat tip: [SFCitizen]