We can't really file this one under 2012's Wave of Knife Crime, but after that Muni rider was stabbed with a fork on the 22-Fillmore last month, we're starting to get a little frightened of pointed kitchen items in general. In the latest incident, Bay City News reports a 26-year-old man was arrested Tuesday night after using a potato peeler to relieve a 55-year-old victim of his wallet.

The suspect apparently cornered his victim in the bathroom of a restaurant in the Mission while brandishing the tuber cleaning device. He then put the unsuspecting diner in a headlock, stole his wallet and ran out of the restaurant. The victim tolerated exactly none of the shenanigans though — he reportedly ran down his mugger and tackled him on the sidewalk. Police in the area happened to catch the scene in progress and promptly arrested the suspect.

Anyhow, time for somebody to start lobbying for a ban on potato peelers. It's 2012, everyone should really be using potato mitts at this point: