Sailing season on the Bay opened Sunday, which means every jib-tugger with a berth was out on the water taking their private boats for a spin. While the weather was lovely, things apparently turned ugly in the late afternoon boat-hopping party that traditionally springs up outside Sam's Anchor Cafe in Tiburon. Luckily, these two ladies were there to film all the shirtless dudes in board shorts going at it. They even thought it appropriate to provide some delightfully nonplussed color commentary. Observe:

According to Tiburon police spokesman Sgt. Rob Law (sidenote: awesome name, Sarge!), opening day is typically Tiburon PD's busiest of the year and at least six pieces of floating human jetsam were involved in the ship-to-ship warfare. There were several arrests and one dude suffered a minor nose injury, but apparently no one felt much like pressing charges after the seas settled.

Meanwhile, we like to think our nearby commentators immediately went back to their glasses Sam's Private Label Chardonnay without missing a beat.