Doyle Drive, or whatever they're going to call it going forward, reopened this morning right on schedule, just before 5 a.m. The new roadway to the Golden Gate Bridge is very pretty — though there are still some piles of rubble lying around next to it. The former elevated roadway from Lombard, in use since 1936, was noisily ripped apart all weekend long, and in its place we have a new temporary roadway and one of two tunnels leading to the bridge, under what will ultimately be a park connector between the Presidio and the waterfront. (See the renderings here, and another photo below.)

New SFist intern Owen took a drive on it this morning and snapped us these photos. As you can see above, the six-lane tunnel is taking two-way traffic with a movable median in between, as it will for the next three years while what is to be the northbound tunnel gets built beside it.

We believe that the eventual road is going to be called the Presidio Parkway, but for now, the Chron's still calling it Doyle Drive. Old habits die hard.


Photo: Owen Keith