Not to be confused with the other cardboard battle in Dolores Park, the Ultimate Team Cardboard Fortress Battle promises to bring even more childlike whimsy to Dolores Park with a showdown between two opposing cardboard forts. There are kind of a lot of rules for this thing, but if you ever played Capture the Flag as a kid, you've already got the gist of it.

From the event's dramatic Facebook page:

They come in waves and we push them back. To battle, brothers and sisters!

It's time. Time to do this. Time to find out what we're made of. Time for Ultimate Team Cardboard Fortress Battle.

Or rather, it will be. In a month.

Here's what you need to do:
~ Gather empty boxes.
~ Get some wide masking tape. No duct tape.
~ Find a black shirt, a white shirt, and a colored shirt you can get dirty.
~ Show up on game day. Be punctual.

Simple enough, right? According to the Official Rules, both teams will lay out their cardboard and build their own forts in which to hide and defend their precious flags. The goal is to either completely obliterate the enemy's fortress and steal their flag.

The whole thing happens on Saturday, June 2nd. Given some of the impressive work we've seen San Francisco cardboard architectures turn out, this should be a sight to behold. Spectators are welcome and encouraged, of course. As for libations: While the organizers won't say whether adult beverages will be a part of the fun, they definitely aren't saying they won't be part of the fun either. It's Dolores Park, after all. Just don't forget to recycle, everybody!