Sidelined Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi went before the Ethics Commission earlier this week. Although the early proceedings sound like a completely snoozefest, whip smart local political analyst Melissa Griffin has handily recapped the highlights for us in her Thursday Examiner column.

Twenty-nine people in total stood up to support the Sheriff-in-exile, which may or may not have been his entire fanbase at this point, but nearly a third of them couldn't be bothered to get his name right. As Griffin describes the scene:

Through it all, Mirkarimi sat stoically, even as eight of his staunch defenders mangled his name; I counted Markarimi, Mickarimi, Mickarini, Mirkarami, Mirkaroni, Markrimi, Mirkarini and Mackarini. For example, one devotee claimed, “I’ve known Mr. Ross Mirkarami for a long, long time.”

Mirk-a-roni, as you know, is a San Francisco treat. Why no one bothered to serve it at his inauguration is beyond us.

Anyhow, if anyone has some time to kill this afternoon, here is SFGovTV's video from Monday's hearing, conveniently queued up to the always-entertaining Public Comment section:

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Also, you should read the rest of Melissa's excellent recap.
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