Bay Area Cycling Community: Two of your own have been struck by a hit and run driver across the Bay in Berkeley. One of the victims, cyclist and YouTuber Bruno had his bike-mounted camera running the whole time and managed to capture the whole thing on film. Judging by the tape, the driver either drifted in to the right-side bike lane, or he just really didn't like the look of these guys' lycra. (And neither motive would excuse the drive-off behavior.)

Also, this kind of leaves us with another question: did these cyclists record the ride because they were obsessively logging every turn of the cranks? Or is this just a safety precaution roadies have started taking these days?

Note: From the landmarks (and that white VW Beetle that must be there all the time) the incident occurred on Tunnel Road near Route 24, which is clearly marked "BIKE XING".

Tip via: SFist Commenter Murphstahoe