As SFist continues to debrief the Bay Area on the topic of Earth Day fallout, reader Michael Siminitus sent along a few of these photos from the actual Earth Day Celebration that went down last Sunday, April 22nd in Civic Center Plaza adjacent to City Hall. Michael writes of the event, which achieved a 92% recycling rate:

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Most discards were composted or recycled. The park was left very clean (I know, I was the last to leave). Waste Busters ( was brought on board to ensure that it was a Zero Waste event. Also, the Surfrider bbq on Taraval achieved an impressive 99% Diversion rate, generating only .5 lbs of trash after serving many hundreds of attendees beer and bbq.

SF has a great deal of people that care about Zero Waste and many events are bringing on professional help to make it happen. These Earth Day events cared enough to hire crews to sort through ALL the discards to maximize recycling capture....

Earth Day was clean and green, as one would expect.

Also, this guy was there doing a rad thing on a bicycle:

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